looking for hypnotherapy in Exeter

Looking for Hypnotherapy in Exeter

Hello and welcome to my website! I’m Pete Luce, a hypnotherapy practitioner working in Plymouth and Exeter. I help people to overcome anxiety and phobia and to gain confidence to make all sorts of changes in their lives, meeting challenges improving relationships, changing their self-image, taking control of their eating, drinking and other behaviours.

I also specialise in helping people who were traumatised, neglected or abused in childhood, and who in adult life have been drawn to abusive relationships and extreme behaviour, including self-harm. My approach is to identify your strengths and build upon them, helping you gain confidence to take control of your own life. 

I have a special interest in helping clients who have already had extensive psychotherapy and counselling without success, or who have previously been unable to experience hypnosis.

Over the past 23 years I’ve helped thousands of people to overcome their problems and have better lives. Maybe somebody I’ve helped has told you about my work, and you’re wondering if I can help you too. We can start to answer that question right now. Ask yourself these questions.

What exactly do you want to change about yourself?

If you succeeded, with my help, how would you know? What differences would other people notice?

Are you willing to play an active part in making those changes, so long as what you’re asked to do is possible? Hypnosis makes it easier to make the changes that you want to make- but you have to actually WANT those changes!

Will you make the time to turn up regularly for a course of therapy, planning in advance to ensure you can attend?  To keep coming and not give up at the first setback? 

Finally- are you prepared to face some opposition to the changes you want to make, and to resist that opposition with my help?

Those are the questions that matter. It’s motivation and commitment that I’m looking for. I do NOT need you to be wealthy or well-educated- though I won’t be intimidated if you are! My clients come from all classes, races and nationalities, age groups, religions and sexual orientations.

There may well be other questions you want answered before meeting me in person- and that’s OK. Just phone me or use the contact form to ask any further questions you might have. You can also visit me for an informal discussion and assessment- there’s no charge for this unless you decide to proceed with hypnotherapy on that same visit. I DO NOT DEMAND MONEY FOR A COURSE OF SESSIONS UPFRONT- PAYMENT IS ON A SESSION BY SESSION BASIS, BY CASH, CHEQUE OR BANK TRANSFER.


On other pages you will find more detailed articles about the main problems for which I provide effective help. There’s also answers to the common questions like does hypnotherapy work? How does it feel to be hypnotised? Is hypnosis safe? How does hypnotherapy help?  And there’s also information about my background, style of working, qualifications and professional registration. Click on the headings above the picture of Exeter to find these articles. If you’d prefer you can watch the short video introduction by clicking the picture on the right. There are several other videos on other pages.


I can hypnotise almost anyone who wants to be hypnotised.

I will not keep you waiting with a long drawn out assessment process- I will normally start hypnotherapy on your first paying session.

My clients normally enjoy their therapy sessions and start to feel better from the first session.

My clients normally feel better at the end of each session they attend.

My clients have no fear of hypnotism after their first session, even if they were previously afraid of the idea.

I take an active role- I do not merely sit and listen while you talk at length about your unhappiness.

I never read to my clients from a script. All my therapy is tailored to the client’s individual needs.

All of my self-hypnosis MP3s and CDs are made individually- not mass produced. And there is no extra charge for them.

Nothing you can tell me is going to shock me. I’ve been a hypnotherapy practitioner for over 21 years, and before that I was a mental health nurse working in inner London.

My extensive in-depth training and study enables me to analyse even very complex problems, and devise a plan to help you make the changes you desire. In this way I can find solutions even to problems I’ve not previously encountered.


You can read this or watch the introductory video at the lower right of this page. I’ve practiced as a hypnotherapist and solution-focused therapist for over twenty two years. I’m registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy which is the government-approved regulatory body for the Psychotherapy profession.  People come to me for help because I’m safe, highly-experienced, and highly-qualified, and because I work in pleasant professional locations in the city centres of Exeter and Plymouth. Evidence for this is listed below.

  • HIGHLY-QUALIFIED IN HYPNOTHERAPY. I hold the only hypnotherapy diploma to be credited by the Open University as a post-graduate training. This is the Advanced Diploma in Hypno-psychotherapy, awarded by the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. This course requires at least 1,800 hours of theoretical and practical study and supervised practice.  The National College is the ONLY British hypnotherapy institute that is fully recognised by the European Association for Hypno-Psychotherapy, and one of the very few that meets the high standards required by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). Following my original training I’ve attended many other courses with highly-regarded British and American psychotherapists such as Dr Brent Geary, Dr Michael Yapko, and Dr Geoff Ibbotson. Dr Geary was trained by Dr Milton Erickson, the founder of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.
  • HIGHLY-EXPERIENCED HYPNOTHERAPY PRACTITIONER. I have 22 years professional experience in hypnotherapy and solution-focused counselling.
  • PROVIDING SAFE HYPNOTHERAPY. I’m registered with the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) , which is recognised by the Government’s Professional Standards Authority. The credibility of my UKCP registration is shown by the fact that my insurers charge me only one third of the premium required from hypnotherapists who are not UKCP registered.  I also belong to the British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis which is the group to which most doctors psychologists and researchers who use or study hypnosis would belong.  I have an Enhanced CRB check which can be seen at my office.
  • PROFESSIONAL LOCATION. I work from the very pleasant and easily accessible Holmedale Health consulting rooms in Denmark Road, Exeter. You can read about Holmedale Health on their own website here. If it’s more convenient, you could also see me in Plymouth. Click here for a link to my Plymouth Hypnotherapy website.

 Some of my clients take several weeks between finding my website and making an appointment. Bookmark this site so you don’t lose it, and use the “subscribe” box on the right to recieve email updates of new posts. You can also click the “Facebook Posts” box on the right to find my Facebook page. There you can “like” my page and be automatically updated on new posts and articles.

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